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Thursday, November 8, 2012

New UPGCUST PeopleSoft Upgrade Compare Process - Part 1

How Does the New UPGCUST Compare works during PeopleSoft Application Upgrades.
If you have previously worked on PeopleSoft Application Upgrades for older version below 8.8, you would have done database compares between the source and demo;
The source being the newly released demo and the target being copy of prod; The Compare process creates the UPGCUST project in the source database that would give you the list of changes between the both databases; you select what changes you want to keep and what not to take during this compare process. The below screen shot provides the process of older version of upgrade compares:

However, if you are working on upgrade to 9.1 or the upcoming 9.2 release, you would have to go through a roundabout compare process;
This could be confusing when you first go through the document; What Oracle indicates with the old method is - to remove the full database compare between the new release and the copy of production database AFTER the tools upgrades and also to reduce the time that it takes during the comparison process. Also, the idea is to expedite the reloading of customizations, i.e. a chance to test their customizations on the new Demo before proceeding.
Now let’s go through the New Compare Process in PeopleSoft Application Upgrades. Below are the steps explained with the new compare process :
Identify Customizations:
•Rename Records and Fields
•Run on Copy of Production and Old Release Demo
•Full database compare between Copy of Production and old release Demo database
•Resultant project contains customized objects
•Project has to be named UPGCUST.
(Here you run a Filter script PUUPX99.DMS, This step removes all objects from the UPGCUST project that are not marked *Changed or *Unchanged in your Copy of Production environment. This step is used to isolate only custom objects in the UPGCUST project.)

Tools Upgrade:
•Upgrade Copy of Production database to new Tools release

Compare/Copy Customizations:
•Compare custom projects in COP to new release Demo database
•Analyze upgrade status for custom objects
•Apply customizations to new Demo database
•Copy custom objects to new Demo preserve them

What You need here is to flag the upgrade check box(i.e. check them to be copied) any customizations that you want to keep. If you do not flag them the customizations will not be carried over, i.e. if you had customized a delivered object in older version and if you do not select the upgrade check box, it will NOT be carried over and then you would have to re-apply at the end of the upgrade.
Copy New Release Objects:
•Migrate object definitions plus customizations from the new Demo to the COP.

So the above step would involve:
PT_RELEASE_EXPORT.DMS script which exports all the PeopleTools tables info (that has the new release objects and your customizations) from the Source system i.e. the New Release.
 PT_RELEASE_IMPORT.DMS script which imports the new release objects and your customizations into your Copy of Production database.

In Nutshell, the whole thing explained in one screen shot:

What I would like to do is, take some example of objects and run through the traditional upgrade scenario and then through the delivered process and see how it looks from compare process. This will be in Part – 2;


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